Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Open Apologies: Drive-texting and "Local"CoffeeRoasting

‎1st. To the woman driving the minivan away from Nisse Preschool. You were right to give me that death glare and for 2 reasons. First, I took my right of way despite the fact that I was bicycling, which is just eco-hipster presumptuous of me, and, second, because you were clearly sending an emergency text whilst pulling into heavy oncoming traffic--I mean, clearly, because otherwise only a criminally negligent parent would be texting with an infant in the car under those circumstances.

‎2nd. To the Co-Op employee whose smile turned upside down upon overhearing my review of Kickapoo coffee when asked by a fellow customer. I was buying Egyptian Licorice Tea. My review: "Well, if you don't care about quality of beans, roast, aroma, or flavor, it's actually still pretty ho-hum. I mean it has 'poo' in the name, so the caliber is unsurprising, and I guess there's merit in them being up front on that score." As an ex-barista who now practices detournement against the very corporate bean dealers who trained him, I cannot lie just because it's a "local" roaster.

The "Buy Local" fascist tone is too eerily reminiscent at times of the discourse of partnership, etc, with which Starbucks inducted those of us who learned to make a proper cappuccino with them.

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