Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sustainability made Perplexing

Some days ago I wrote about Environmental Studies being located on the 3rd and therefore Super-Ego floor of Valders Hall of Science. Well, today, thanks to my good friend Eric, I saw these signs as signs of Super-Ego styled demands, particularly the first one. Just what am I being called upon to do or notice or help someone else to notice or do?
The second sign marks the first time I've seen recycling sorted by brands, and in such a way that to recycle according to these Super-Ego demands, one must know whether or not the Dr. Pepper or Sprite one has jut finished belongs to the Pepsi or Coke product family.
On the one hand, I appreciate the ways these signs hail me as a recycling consumer, not simply making it an easy part of the process. On the other hand, how to go about living deliberately to use one of Thoreau's expressions when one cannot quite access what the aim of deliberation is?

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