Monday, October 17, 2011

Cogs lately, 7

So, last Wednesday night I was watching Modern Family on television. Min and I have watched a number of this show's episodes because the actress playing Lily looks a lot like our daughter, Chofi.

At least the original actress playing Lily did. Apparently this new season there's a new actress (Is this a television show standard, or an isolated suggestion that Asians look so much alike no one would notice?). Whoa, hold on a minute, it turns out that they are interchangeable, at least to the extent that Lily was formerly played by two identical twin actresses! [As a sidenote, I know from a number of Chinese friends who've come to study and work in the U.S. that interchangeability is an issue, but an issue that some turn to benefit in terms of buying one membership to Costco and everyone using the same ID without ever encountering a hassle.]

All of which is a way to circulate back to the initial pic of this blog: I was watching Modern Family and there in the background as decor objects in the office of a ruthless up-and-coming real estate development mogul were cogwheels. Peripheral but signifying, cogwheels.

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