Thursday, September 22, 2011

Canadian Bacon, Sauerkraut, and an "Indecent Proposal"

The photograph, in the context of Decorah, Iowa, clicks in the mind’s iPod John (then-Cougar?) Mellencamp’s “Little Pink Houses.” But this house wasn’t always pink…

As another sample of my psychogeography uncanny re-experience of Decorah, I have been passing this house—technically apartment-house, a number of times lately. Last night I was out for a late night walk when most of Decorah is dark and deserted. This stretch of neighborhood was dark and deserted too, and then I recalled a particular night when I delivered a Happy Joe’s pizza to this address.

It was a Canadian bacon and sauerkraut pizza, and it was the sketchiest delivery I ever made. (With the possible exception of the married teenagers at the Midtown Motel who wanted to give me a “prayment” in lieu of cash.) Let me be clear about this "Indecent Proposal": I returned to Happy's with my bow-tie and integrity fully intact and the pizza bill paid in cash!

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