Thursday, September 1, 2011

in gear

Less than one month ago I filed my dissertation, The Hour of the Machine, at the University of California, Davis.

With English (Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory) PhD in hand, I have moved to Decorah, Iowa to begin my ACM-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship joint-appointment in English and Environmental Studies.

This academic year I'll be teaching American Literature to 1860 for the English Department in the fall, an 4-week intensive "J-Term" First-Year Seminar that I'm calling "Screening Ecology: A Multi-Media Exploration" for Environmental Studies, and in the spring I'll teach an English/Environmental Studies cross-listed course I'm calling: Machining Greener Futures: Ecology and Technology in Literature.

I'm keeping this blog for predictions, reflections, and the occasional present-capture as I move through teaching and research, presenting and publishing, and transitioning from life at an R1 University with 30,000+ students in Northern California to a Liberal Arts College of the Church with approximately 2,500 students in a Northeast Iowa town with a population just sufficient to operate an aircraft carrier.

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