Saturday, September 17, 2011


OOO Bits...

Trying to think objects (and a world of objects) indifferent to whether or not they are/it is thought.

Objects irreducible to component parts & to relationships.

Reality is nonconceptual...

Is thinking the pencil on the table really weirder than the table holding it up? An approach to despecializing thought so that it is nontranscendental and it is everywhere.

The no-blood coldness of a broken toy sound--a sign of the inhuman world.

Tuning is the birth of a new object.

And, one from a taxi driver: "I do not understand how this Bachmann can lie like this and not face consequences. In my home country, a typical African failed state, the leaders lied to us like that, but we knew they despised us when they even bothered to acknowledge our existence. I came here to the States and now it feels like I left one failed state for another one."

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